The "Canyon Walkers" are four heroic scale figurative bronze sculptures which will be placed in front of Laguna College of Art + Design's distinctive main campus.  These figures are representative of the people one might see making there way through the culturally unique Laguna Canyon. 


The project is headed by LCAD lead sculpture faculty Brittany Ryan, who conceived and designed the grouping. She began the process with a series of mauquettes and the project is now in the end stages of casting the bronze. They are due to be installed by early next year. Ryan was assisted by her student sculptors Atiyeh Hess, Charlie Goering, Elizabeth Alvarez and Maxwell Gerber.

The figure placed at south end of the grouping is the “Art Student" she is representative of the students of LCAD making their way to and from classes.  She carries a large portfolio bag, pencil and sketchbook.  The sketchbook will contain images glimpsing into the etherial elements of art making. The mauquette was sculpted by Brittany Ryan and the heroic scale figure was sculpted by figure by Atiyeh Hess and Maxwell Gerber.

The center is sculpture is the “Hiker and Companion”. .He is tall, stoic, and peaceful character, who seems to be ready to absorb his surroundings; speaking to the calm and meditative atmosphere of  Laguna canyon.  He is accompanied by his joyful companion; a golden retriever. Their symbiotic and intimate relationship is reflected in the cyclical composition of the two figures. For “Companion” we have had the opportunity to use as our model a dog who has been trained as a companion dog by “name of company/ foundation”. The mauquette for the "Hiker and Companion" was sculpted by Brittany Ryan and the heroic scale  "Hiker" was sculpted by  Charlie Goering and the heroic scale “Companion” was be sculpted by Elizabeth Alvarez. 

The final figure on the north end is to be the “Traveler”. He is symbolic of the colorful past and present of our canyon culture; of people we live with everyday and are not to be ignored, but acknowledged as part of our community. He is in transition in his life, as the canyon is always in transition; intently going somewhere, but unsure of the destination. Both the mauquette and heroic scale sculptures were done by Brittany Ryan.

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